Our Trip to Disney

So welcome to my blog! I just changed to wordpress and I tried to upload my old blog entries and for some reason it will not let me do that. But I will not give up and will keep trying.

So we head home after spending the past 9 days in Disney. Usually I am a bit teary and sad to leave Florida, but this trip is different, I cannot wait to get home I was actually feeling quite giddy last night as I packed up our bags. This trip has not been so much fun, it has been full of sick people and freezing cold weather.

Before we left home for this early January trip, we watched the Florida weather reports closely. We just had 2 feet of snow dumped at our house and school had been closed for 3 days right before winter vacation started. We dreamed each night of warm weather, short sleeved shirts, and frolicking in the pool. our dreams did not include winter coats, hats, gloves and sleet. Yes, it was 25-32 degrees every single morning, felt just like home, not Floriday at all. Apparently this is the worst cold snap FLorida has seen in the past 20 years, gee did we pick a great week, huh? One day it got to the 60s, but that was a day we spent in bed sick anyway.

So the first 3 days of the trip were great, full of good food, fun rides, cold weather, but fun times! Kids were great, enjoying each park and having a blast. Then my DH played an air hockey game at the Beach Club community hall and somehow hurt his finger playing. 3 days later, his finger was infected and throbbing. Who knows if this was the cause of his illness but the next 5 days he spent in bed with a high fever, sore throat, and feeling miserable. Our leader through the parks was down, mission aborted.

We brought our amazing babsyitter, Laura, with us to give us an extra hand on the trip. Thank goodness we did or the trip really would have been over. Each day I stayed home to take care of sick DH and Laura would take a few kids to the park in the morning, come home for lunch and take a few more kids in the afternoon. Laura was an amazing trooper and saved a miserable week. I dont think Laura knew how tiring having 5 kids could be, but she does now!!!!

So if only the story could end here, all is well that ends well. Nope, our 2 year old baby girl, Miss D, threw up in the middle of the night on the 4th night, all over herself, me the bed, the floor, first time throwing up for her. She developed a fever, and was totally miserable the rest of the trip. I tried to have her eat only simple foods, saltimes, bananas, etc… but that was impossible. She wanted all the foods everyone else had. One bite of one french fry and she was barfing again.

We are packing up and headed home this morning, hopefully all on the mend, and ready to be healthier! If you are on our Southwest flight, dont sit near us, we might still be barfing. And it is a whole 17 degrees at home, but home is home, and I cant wait to be there!!!

One final note! I was so upset that we would lose our expensive Disney park passes. We lost 4 days on our tickets, and the kids lost 2 days on theirs, what a huge waste of money!! THe manager at the Saratoga Springs hotel was able to work some Disney magic and gave us 16 one day park hopper passes to start us off on our next trip. That really made me warm and fuzzy inside, and also a bit teary. Or maybe, that was just me getting sick.


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