Parenting a Teen, what a roller coaster

No one ever warned me how hard it is to be the parent of a teen. Seriously, this is a rollercoaster ride and I am petrified of rollercoasters.
Someone recently mentioned the book, “Your Teen Is Crazy” and I bought it on Amazon. I have only had time to read the first 10 pages but I am really enjoying it already. The author basically is telling me that I need to stop talking to my teen like he is normal, he is NOT! He is completely crazy and you do not try to have rational conversations with a crazy person!!! Ok! I will stop trying to treat him like he is normal, but I guess I better get to reading the rest of the book, to see what exactly I am supposed to do with him!

And to add to the craziness which is our house, our 26 month old baby girl is potty training. We are not pushing her, she is doing it herself. 3 days ago, she was getting dressed. And when I say getting dressed, she chose her own clothes, took off her pjs, and was about to get herself completely dressed. If we try to help her she shrieks, GO AWAY, ME DO IT! And as she was about to step into her pullup she said, NO! NEED TO GO POOPY IN THE POTTY! Huh? SInce when? Diaper changes had become a struggle recently, she did not want to stop playing, and did not want to lie down for more than 1 second. So off she went, got her little bjorn potty, put it in the middle of the playroom, sat down, and 5 minutes later stood up and declared ME POOP IN POTTY! And there you go, she did it, all by herself. Since that day, whenever she says she needs to go poop, I remind her to get her potty and she goes. Boy, that was pretty easy. I feel like I deserve easy since the teen is so difficult. Now to work on peeing regularly, picking out the princess undies, and we are there. MY baby is growing up too fast!

I only have 5 more minutes to write here, but I must mention our 8.5 year old. He is a very unique kid. He is brilliant, like super genius levels. Yet, he cannot remember where I put his clothes for the morning. I still choose his clothes each day and I stand in front of him, touch him with the clothes, and say, your clothes for today are RIGHT HERE. Ok, he says, but he is not paying attention, he is probably computing some humongous number in his head and says ok, just to get me away from him. So he is done with his breakfast and is just sitting there. I ask him to get dressed please. And EVERY SINGLE day he says, ok Mom, but where are my clothes??? Are you kidding me? Is this the movie Groundhog Day?? And then if he does not see his clothes, he will every once in a while go get his own clothes. During our blizzard this month I found him in shorts and a tee shirt one morning, after dressing himself. And he could NOT figure out what the problem was.

And there are 2 other sweet boys in my house, who I do not have time to write about. I need much more time to describe to you my 5.5 year old who is really a 50 year old man, trapped inside a teeny little 40 pound body who likes to run through the house screaming SECURITY! Ah, I love my life, but what a roller coaster ride it is.


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