A trip to the grocery store

A simple trip to the grocery store should not be so hard, should it?
Well if you are taking along an independent 2 year old little girl, it becomes more challenging.

Lets start at 5am. Miss D, 2 years and 3 months old, woke up and declared, “Mommy lets go to the store!” Sure D, but no stores are open right now. Yes Mommy, get dressed and go!!
So we first ate, got her brothers all off to school, then discussed where we would go.
Miss D is my only girl, and I do not know how other little girls act. But Miss D drives me crazy about walking everywhere herself, no holding hands, no stroller, no sitting in a shopping cart. Moseying around by herself and almost getting run over, run into, or generally trampled OFTEN!! Each of my boys loved to hold my hand as we walked, loved to sit in the grocery store cart and talk, loved to ride in the stroller until basically I kicked them out because they were too darn HEAVY to push!! Nope, Miss D is her own girl, and wants to be very independent.
I was thinking of going to a few stores, shopping, returning some stuff…. Miss D, would you mind sitting in a stroller with a really good snack while I shop?? NO!! she screams from the other room. How about some M&Ms in your stroller? NO! ME WALK!
Ok, so I bagged the original trip in favor for a trip to the grocery store across the street.
We gathered our coupons, our list, our reusable bags, of course Miss D is carrying most of the items and we walk to the car.
Please get in the car nicely, it will be too hard to carry home all the food and watch you.
Ok Mommy.
I quickly turned on the Princess and the Frog and she sat back and relaxed.
We got into the grocery store and of course, Me NO sit in cart. Please sit in the cart, you can choose a cookie or a bagel or look at the balloons, I say as I gently lower her in the cart. The balloons are so pretty she could not resist. She chooses a smiley face balloon and hugs it as I start to choose the apples. No smiley face, want Dora balloon!! We changed our balloon selection 6 times this trip, and that was a good trip! We tried out the thomas, the Elmo, the Strawberry Shortcake, the HUGE basketball, and of course a princess balloon.
I quickly collected the items I needed most, knowing that at any point this trip could come to a quick end.
Miss D was really good after finally finding the right balloon and we headed to get a cookie as a reward. HUH? No cookies today. Really? A grocery store with no cookies in the bakery? Thanks a lot! I convinced her to try a bagel. She took one bite and then threw it in the cart, gross!
As we walk to the checkout we see one of those car/carts. There are 2 little girls “driving” the cart. Miss D says, wow, 2 girls! Hi 2 girls! Hi 2 girls. Well the 2 little girls are basically ignoring us. Miss D is waving, smiling, wanting to jump out and hug them. (Miss D LOVES to play with girls, I guess that is what happens when you have 4 brothers) The Mom makes some small talk and I say bye as they walk away…… This causes D to cry hysterically. Whats wrong? Two girls walk away, D want girls!! But you dont know them! I WANT TWO GIRLS! Oh lordy, please let the checkout line be short.
No one is in the line, a little miracle. I let her help me put all our items on the belt and we go home.
As we walk in the door she starts to cry again. Daddy asks what is wrong. I NEED TWO GIRLS. I think I will have the groceries delivered next time, and not by a girl!


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